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Wall Street MAGNATE Store

Wall Street MAGNATE's apparel was requested from its' very enthusiastic members. Matthew Brodsky, editor of Wharton magazine interviewed one of the founders Laurence Cohen who acknowledged that "WSM is changing the way that people gain financial literacy, making it fun, easy and social. Wall street is free, entirely without risk and full of excitement.  WSM's members buy and sell real-world stocks from a simulated investment accounts based on actual market data. WSM's  platform accounts for both dividends and stock splits in real time, and streams the latest financial news."  Members learn-while-doing. The members can generate and export spreadsheets that track their complete trading histories. Two school friends Laurence Cohen and Lewis Schlossberg began the start-up in 2011, launched the WSM website in 2013 and the app was added in 2014.  It was the dynamic users and trading clubs of WSM who  encouraged the founders to create unique apparel with their signature money bag Logo. In 2015, the Wall street Magnate store was launched.